Direct Action – Number 1

On Sunday 29 December 2013 I undertook the Lincolnshire Direct Action Number 1 at the Huttoft Car Terrace. I did not receive a Level 2 fine, which is up to £500. As such, I believe this confirms that Lincolnshire County Council have no legal authority to issue a fine for the reasons that I undertook the direct action in this location.

Direct Action 4 084

Those Informed In Advance Of My Direct Action

No one.

Those Given A Link To This Post

  1. MMM (Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly) magazine.

Direct Action 4

Location Parked

Huttoft Car Terrace

Time Parked/Slept At Location

From 20.00 t0 05.3o

Direct Action 4 104


27mph wind. Very dark. A delightful place for a peaceful nights sleep. Very Highly recommended. Possible location for future Direct Action.

Reasons For Direct Action

  1. “Signs” unenforceable.
  2. Further reasons – TBA.

Fine Issued



  1. LCC accept that the bye-law is unenforceable.

Direct Action 4 With 27mph winds Clyde remained inside to check if we had received a fine.

Direct Action Sponsor

This Direct Action was made possible by kind supporters. If you would like to  sponsor future direct action please see Get Involved

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