Height Barriers Challenge

Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) have erected numerous height barriers at five coastal car parks. These are at Anderby Creek, Wolla Bank, Marsh Yard, Huttoft  Car Terrace and Chapel Six Marsh. I believe the height barriers breach fundamental legislation:

Direct Action 4

  • Off-Street Parking Order – All on street parking restrictions require an On-Street Parking Order and all off street parking restrictions require an Off-Street Parking Order. As the height barriers restrict access to high side vehicles LCC are in breach of legislation as to restrict access they should have an Off-Street Parking Order for the restriction or open the height barriers every day at 06.00 and not close them before 22.00. I can confirm no such order exists.
  • Planning Permission – I believe planning permission is required for the height barriers as they are over 2 metres high. As the height barriers do not have planning permission they should be removed immediately as they breach planning regulation.
  • Risk Assessment – LCC should have undertaken a risk assessment for the height barriers to identify any risk; own the risk and mitigate the risk. Following a Freedom of Information Request I can confirm no risk assessment exists. As such I believe the barriers should be removed until a risk assessment has been carried out and all risks mitigated.
  • Obstruction – As LCC are not opening the barriers at 06.00 every morning they are deliberately obstructing high sided vehicles and preventing them parking legally in the various car parks between 06.00 and 22.00. All vehicles have a right to park in the car parks between 06.00 and 22.00.

Access Required – I am requesting that LCC open all the barriers by 06.00 on Friday 21, Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 February and not close them until 22.00 as I will be meeting with friends in the area of these car parks. We will be parking in the car parks at various times and as some of my friends have high sided vehicles the gates will need to be unlocked. If the gates are not unlocked my friends will be forced to park up to the barriers while they wait for LCC to remove the deliberate obstruction by unlocking the barriers. Until this is done no one will be able to use the car parks.

Meeting Offer – I am willing to meet with LCC late morning Friday 21 February in Skegness to discuss the situation.

The above has been sent to LCC.

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