In Support Of Local Opinion

Today I received an email from a gentleman who lives within a mile of Huttoft Car Terrace, Lincolnshire. The following is the email with my response in bold:

  1. So firstly as I stated I wild camp, but i never stay anywhere longer than 3 days, unlike alot of the so called campers at the car terrace who were there more than 3years (fact), Everyone has their own opinion how long a period is acceptable to wild camp. I wild camp in a car, tent and bivy bag. When I wild camp I do so for one or two nights. I agree in no more than 3 days. Lincolnshire County Council have the legal authority to remove people long before three years.
  2. I have on a number of occasions witnessed rubbish being dumped by said campers over the dunes, I am sure some “campers” have. I expect this to be pro rata with other vehicles. Lincolnshire County Council have the legal authority to prosecute for littering
  3. and not as you state the rubbish is caused by crows and seagulls, Crows and seagulls are one of numerous causes.
  4. I can say this as I know of not one crow or seagull that digs a hole and empties there toilet cassette into it before covering it over with sand What you have witnessed may be a toilet cassette but it may also be a car driver using the dunes for a toilet as, unlike those with motorhomes, they do not have a toilet in their vehicle.
  5. or throws there broken chairs over the embankment, Lincolnshire County Council  have the legal authority to prosecute for fly tipping.
  6. and when approached give off alot of abusive language or threats of violence. This is a criminal offence which the Police can prosecute for.
  7. As a  fisherman of long standing at the car terrace I must say it would be nice to park at the terrace as the amount of campers on the terrace has got stupid with tents, caravans, motorhomes and old vans, Like the majority of public car parks and roads no one has a reserved parking space. It is first come first served.
  8. Also an old horsebox supposably collecting money selling teas & coffees in aid of the local wildlife, When in fact he is living there whilst renting his own property out in Chapel st Leonards. Lincolnshire County Council have the legal authority to deal with this.
  9. As a local I can tell you we are sick of spongers living for free and abusing a local beauty spot,  Lincolnshire County Council have the legal authority to deal with this.
  10. Quite a number of vehicles on the terrace were illegal showing no tax and probably no mot or insurance,Ive seen tyres on Scrapyard motors with more tread on them and in better condition, I am informed that the vehicle in question was SORN and as the Huttoft Car Terrace is not part of the public highway it was not illegal to show no tax.
  11. As a local I don’t think we need or want this type of so called visitor and if this is the type of person you look to represent, I most certainly have no intention of “representing” anyone who conducts themselves in such an anti-social manner.
  12. Its know wonder motorhomers are being moved on and more and more councils are putting up barriers to deter the parking of motorhomes, I for one think as a motorhomer I don’t need this type of scrounger/sponger messing around with our passtime in this abusive manner, I will not come to your meeting as I feel you are trying to assist the wrong type of wild camper in this case, I am most certainly not assisting such people.
  13. so as you can quess my vote goes to rid the area of these people. I fully agree with you, so does my vote.
  14. And you would vote the same if this was happening on your doorstep , Absolutely.
  15. As I have said I have nothing against wild camping But wild living is a different matter 2or 3 days at a time and place is ample, In my opinion this is correct.
  16. take your rubbish away with you, My moto is leave the place tider than when you arrive. Fully agree.
  17. Happy Camping. Thank you.
  18. And don’t mess it up for the rest of us. I have no intention of doing so.

In conclusion I believe Lincolnshire County Council and to a lesser degree the Police should have dealt with the issues in ways as per legislation available. I most certainly do not condone such anti-social behaviour.

The next time I am in the area of Huttoft Car Terrace I would be more than happy to meet up with the gentleman who sent me this email.

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