Direct Action – Number 2

Last night I undertook the Lincolnshire Direct Action Number 2 at Marsh Yard with four friends in their two motor homes. I did not receive a Level 2 fine, which is up to £500. As such, I believe this confirms that Lincolnshire County Council have no legal authority to issue a fine for the reasons that I undertook the direct action in this location.

Gulag 2

Those Informed In Advance Of My Direct Action

  1. Lincolnshire County Council.

Those Given A Link To This Post

  1. Lincolnshire County Council
  2. Skegness Standard
  3. MMM (Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly) magazine.

Gulag 1

Location Parked

Marsh Yard

Time Parked/Slept At Location

From 15.30 t0 08.3o

Obstuction HCT


  1. Clear night with a glorious moon.
  2. Police patrol at 19.00.
  3. Car parked opposite me at 23.45 with interior light on for 15 minutes. (I never saw it as I was fast asleep).
  4. A dark car did a quick in and out at 01.00.
  5. Barbed wire.

Obstuction MY

Reasons For Direct Action

  1. Byelaw is in breach of legislation.
  2. Height Barrier is in breach of legislation.

Fine Issued



  1. LCC accept that the bye-law is in breach of legislation.
  2. LCC accept that the height barrier is in breach of legislation.
  3. LCC breached the right of my friends to park in the car park from 06.00. A complaint will be submitted to LCC for this breach.

MYNo ticket for Clyde – again!

Direct Action Sponsor

This Direct Action was made possible by kind supporters. If you would like to  sponsor future direct action please see Get Involved

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