Lincolnshire Gulag

I spent last night at Marsh Yard, Lincolnshire. For those who have never been there it is fair to say it is starting to resemble a Gulag.

Gulag 2

I was amazed to see the Eastern Block height barrier, which breaches planning regulation, however I was shocked to see barbed wire around the “byelaw” sign in the middle of the car park.

Gulag 1

I believe that Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) have clearly lost the plot. I believe placing barbed wire in a public place at the height of a small child is gross negligence. As such I have:

  • Demanded its immediate removal.
  • Requested an investigation is carried out into why the barbed wire was placed in such a location.
  • Submitted a Freedom of Information request for all information held by LCC with regards the erection of barbed wire at Marsh Yard.

LCC should be ashamed of themselves.

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