Further Illegal Brown Signs

On route to Marsh Yard last Saturday I drove the scenic road along the coast. On the coast there are many car parks which I took photos of.

Illegal Brown Sign - SVF

As Steve Willis, Assistant Director (Environment, Planning and Customer Services), Lincolnshire County Council declined my offer of a meeting to discuss a compromise I thought I should take a closer look at the photos.

Illegal Brown Sign - SVF 2

I am surprised to notice further illegal brown signs.

Illegal Brown Sign - HP

I have sent a complaint to Mr Willis regards the signs above and below requesting their removal as they breach fundamental legislation because as:

  • The signs state “no caravans” but as no Off Street Parking Order is in place stating “no caravans” for any of the three locations this is incorrect and caravans are permitted to visit all three locations.

Illegal Brown Sign - S

If my offer of a meeting to find a compromise continues to be declined I will continue my investigations in Lincolnshire.

Illegal Brown Sign - HP 2

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