Last Weekend – Legal Aspects


Today I will register a complaint with Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) for their deliberate obstruction of my numerous friends legal right to access Huttoft Car Terrace in high sided vehicles over the weekend.

To legally prevent access LCC must state this in an Off Street Parking Order and erect signs at the entrance to the restriction. Neither are in place.

Lincolnshire Police

I held various discussions with Lincolnshire Police over the weekend with regards any possible breaches of legalisation if we park in front of the height barriers. I expect to hear from Lincolnshire Police today. Once I do our next meeting will be organised.

All my campaigns will fully respect the law and at all times I am happy to work with Lincolnshire Police. As soon as LCC respect the law and agree to work with Lincolnshire Police the height barriers will be removed and the byelaw revoked.

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