Lincolnshire Height Barriers Cost £80,000?

The height barriers were erected, extended and replaced on numerous occasions. The reputed cost is £80,000. In an attempt to find out the true cost I have made a Freedom of Information request to Lincolnshire County Council (LCC).

Direct Action 4

Is the £80,000 value for money? We will all have our own opinion on this. As a result of LCC erecting the height barriers I have enjoyed three nights on Huttoft Car Terrace, two of which I have had the terrace all to myself. I would like to thank LCC for spending such a vast amount of taxpayers money to provided such a wonderful facility to me for my personal enjoyment. With another night planned this is £20,000 per night. Surely that is Lincolnshire tax payers money well spent to provide a Yorkshireman such a wonderful service.

Direct Action 8 1

Of course LCC have not attempted to prosecute me as per the byelaw because they know I would be able to make a successful legal challenge against it. Glad it’s not my council tax money.

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