My Belief

There are countless different religions and beliefs around the world including Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. Myself I am a Buddhist and “Animist” with a strong influence of Mahatma Gandhi.

My “Animist” belief is personal to me but shared by many to varying degrees. What Christians refer to as the soul I believe is also in the air, sea, trees, rock, animals, the wind and all of nature.

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I experience my “Animist” belief by being at one in nature at night. This is why I have:

  • Slept on all 162 Scottish islands great than 40 hectares.
  • Slept at the extreme points of Great Britain, Scotland, Lancashire and Yorkshire.
  • Slept on the summits of all 52 counties of England and Wales.

My sleeping shelter is either a bivy bag, tent or car dependent on the location. For me the sense of awe and being at one with can be experienced by sleeping in my car at Huttoft Car Terrace; in a bivy bag on the summit of Scafell Pike, the highest point of England or on an uninhabited Scottish island in a tent.

As the byelaw restricting overnight parking on Huttoft Car Terrace prevents me carrying out my belief I have requested permission from Lincolnshire County Council to be able to carry out my belief at Huttoft Car Terrace at night in my car.

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