Meetings – Code Of Conduct

All our meetings will abide by the following code of conduct. This example will be given to members of the public at our next meeting in Lincolnshire:

“I would like to welcome you to the meeting.

All our meetings are held as per Gandhian principles, i.e. non violent and peaceful. We do not condone unacceptable behaviour. To prevent unacceptable behaviour by others we will video record any situation which we consider may result in unacceptable behaviour. The recordings will be forwarded to the Police if required.

Lincolnshire Police and Lincolnshire County Council are fully aware of our meetings. As we are not on the public highway the Police have confirmed we are not in breach of any criminal legislation.

Those attending believe:

  • The height barriers are in breach of legislation.
  • The byelaw is in breach of legislation.
  • The height barriers are discriminatory.
  • The byelaw is discriminatory.
  • The height barriers breach disability legislation as they prevent access to those with disabilities.

The illegal height barriers prevent access to the car terrace for fishermen, disabled people, local nursing homes, special needs children and indeed everyone with high sided vehicles.


Andy Strangeway

Overnight Parking Campaigner”

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