Skegness Standard – Huttoft Car Terrace Meeting

I was pleased to see the following coverage in this weeks Skegness Standard. I was delighted to read that Councillor Davy believes: ” The car park terrace should be open for everybody”. I fully endorse this. I will email Councillor Davy and ask him to be true to his word and make the car terrace open to everyone including those in high sided vehicles and those with disabilities.


Unfortunately Councillor Davy has not addressed the illegal activity that Lincolnshire County Council is currently undertaking including:

  • Breach of disability legislation
  • Erection of illegal road signs
  • Breach of car park legislation
  • Erection of illegal height barriers

In addition I believe LCC have knowingly submitted a false declaration to the DCLG to secure the byelaw.

Until Councillor Davy and LCC address the above issues our meetings will continue until they do. We have discussed the various legal aspects with Lincolnshire Police and will proceed with this in mind. We welcome any attempt by Councillor Davy or LCC to issue us a ticket and/or put us in a court of law.

Currently I have the following number of unaddressed aspects with the various bodies:

  • Lincolnshire County Council – 13
  • East Lindsey District Council – 1
  • DCLG – 1

I am more than happy to discuss these in public with Councillor Davy at any time. I look forward to hearing from you Councillor Davy.

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