Disability Discrimination Act 1995

Could I please refer everyone to Councillor Davie Email – Thursday 27 February 2014 In this email there is a link to a post raising the issue of the breach of Disability Legislation by the height barriers. After six working days Councillor Davie has sadly not replied to the issue I raised with regards the breach of disability legislation.

Obstuction HCT

I refer Councillor Davie and Lincolnshire County Council to Disability Discrimination Act 1995 – Chapter 50 – Part III, Section 19 onwards. (Page 24 of the pdf)

For the height barriers to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 I request that all the height barriers which are at the entrances to car parks at Anderby Creek, Wolla Bank, Marsh Yard, Huttoft Car Terrace and Chapel Six Marsh and which are open to the public are either:

  • Removed
  • Permanently opened or
  • Opened by 06.00 and not closed before 22.00 every day

If Councillor Davie and Lincolnshire County Council decline my request I will refer the matter.

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