Geoff Speaks Out

Following on from Toms email amongst others I was forwarded this email that Geoff sent to Lincolnshire County Council. I fully support Geoff.

—– Original Message —–
Sent: Sunday, March 16, 2014 2:13 PM
Subject: Discrimination
Discrimination against disabled persons
I now have access to documentary and photographic evidence that shows that LCC is discriminating against disabled persons both individually and in general and demand that the council changes its practises and policies in order for it meet the needs of persons with disabilities, such as  my partner. Please note that regulations exist that state that

  • Vehicles bearing a blue badge are entitled to parking concessions.
  • That it is a councils duty to meets the needs of people with disabilities.
  • Failure to to do so amounts to discrimination under The Equality Acts.

Also note that the word VEHICLE is used in those regulations. It is a broad ranging word and does not specify any particular type of vehicle therefore the act of placing restrictions or denying access to motorcaravans bearing a blue badge is a discriminatory act and punishable by law.

Any person participating in the enforcement of these discriminatory acts is also jointly and severally liable and I trust you will accept that you have a duty of care to advise employees, such as CEOs, of the consequences of participating in such actions. “Carrying out orders ” is no defence if the act is unlawful or illegal as German war criminals found out !
Perhaps you would be kind enough to advise which union or unions represent your employees so that I may advise these unions of the risks that could befall their Members should they even attempt to participate in such acts. Conspiracy is only one of the offences they could leave themselves open to.

Please advise me what measures you are making to ensure that my partner and other persons with disabilities are not subject to discriminatory acts by LCC and that your employees are aware of the legal implications of participating in such acts .

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