Others Speak Out

I was forwarded the following email and fully support what Tom is saying. If you also agree I suggest that you support Tom by sending an email to the three people Tom sent his email to:

Sent: Sunday, March 16, 2014 9:13 AM
Subject: Re: Contaminated waste disposal in public places
Hi Matthew,
Thank you for your email below.   I’ll be writing to you again in the next week and I’ll be asking you for information about the problems you’re having with motorhomes.  That’s because I don’t think you’re having any;  I’ll be asking you for evidence and then I’ll be disputing it.  You haven’t really got anything to back up your complaints, have you?
In the meantime, you might be interested in, and give me with some urgency your reactions to, the first impressions you have made on me.  Is this ok?  My first overwhelming impression is that “We’ve been here before.”
Ugandan Asian Advert
The background to that notice above is that a number of British Citizens were deported from a foreign country to their home country – Great Britain.   Unfortunately they were Black British Citizens and a vocal number of White British Citizens didn’t want them anywhere near.  So they made up stories that these Black British Citizens were dirty, deposited waste in the street, had noisy parties and had revolting, smelly cooking habits.  I was here;  I remember the complaints.   The local council (not too brighl) took these complaints to heart and tried to ban Black British Citizens from Leicester – a place not all that far from Lincolnshire Country Council.  I remember a council spokesman saying that the council decision was “the Blacks’ own fault;  there’s just too many of them.”   Just like you now say there’s too many motorhomes;  it’s our own fault..
I see the council hasn’t changed much.  Nowadays, you don’t like motor caravans so you try to ban them – without, so far as I can see – any genuine grounds for doing so.  You use the same old same old.  You allege that we leave waste in the street, have noisy parties and so on. That was my first impression – that you now have something else to be rascist about and you seem a bit eager to embrace it.  I hope to use the example of your council to have discrimination, just because of the vehicle I drive, looked at by central government.  I’d like to make you famous.  You have found your “new” Blacks.  The allegations back then were scurrilous and are now, rightly, illegal.    The allegations now are just the same – scurrilous.
My second impression is no less important.  You breach Disability Rights legislation.  Oh, it’s no good saying you don’t and justify yourself by saying “This height allows a very wide range of vehicles access to the car park including those adapted for wheel chairs.”   Not all disabled citizens need wheel chairs and, in any case, it is not for the council to say just what vehicle a disabled person might use or adapt;  his choice should not be dictated by the vehicle you think he should use.  You have no right to say a disabled person must use this, or that, motor vehicle;  but, to the contrary,  you do have the duty to make it possible for him to use this, or that, motor vehicle.  He must make that choice for himself in the light of his condition.
I’ll repeat, because it’s important.  Not all disabled citizens need wheel chairs.   My partner is disabled and she hopes never to have to use a wheelchair.  And why should she?  She’s blind.   Our choice of vehicle takes that into account.   Our motorhome allows her, to a very large extent. access to the facilities you and I, sighted, take for granted.    It has the effect of taking her home, familiar and comfortable and safe, around with her.  Not for her the struggle of a blind person to find food or toilet or somewhere to rest or to put herself in danger finding such things.  She takes her place of safety with her.   You condemn her (us) to other parking places and there’s more to this than meets the eye (sorry).  A car park, which you now ban her from, is a much, much safer place for her than is, say, parking, on the side of a road or any other place.
  1.     You have no right, now, to discriminate against motorhomes, just like you had no right, a few years ago, to discriminate against black people, and it’s interesting that you now use the same arguments but you dare not publish them.  We’re dirty;  we’re noisy; we’re smelly, we dispose of our waste in the street. You again use the same (unimaginative) arguments.  Prove them if you can.  You couldn’t prove them against black people and you can’t prove them now against me.
  2.      You have no right to put disabled people in danger by denying the access which you allow to the able-bodied.  You have the duty to do the opposite.
The otherwise vocal politician Cllr Davie hasn’t replied to me.  Perhaps he’d now take the opportunity to do so?    I look forward to hearing from all you gentlemen in the address list and I expect and demand a response.
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