M Colley – Huttoft Bank

The following letter was written by M. Colley, Huttoft Bank and published in the Skegness Standard. I am always very happy to address anyones concerns so long as they communicated in a dignified manner. As such my reply to M. Colley can be seen below.

M Colley, Huttoft Bank

Dear M. Colley,

First, there was a total of 15 motorhomes that weekend.

Myself and two others are from Yorkshire, one is from Peterborough and one is from Derbyshire. The rest are from various parts of Lincolnshire including Skegness. I am pleased to confirm that in all these places there is free overnight parking. This is available to cars, white vans, motorhomes and HGVs as is the case across every county in the UK including Lincolnshire.

I am pleased to see that you pay to have your rubbish cleared and toilets cleaned. Myself I clean my own toilets. You may not be aware but to date you have also contributed to an estimated £50,000+ to bring in a byelaw and erect height barriers which are in breach of fundamental legislation and which will eventually be removed. What this will cost Huttoft Bank council tax payers is something you will need to ask Councillor Davie. While you are asking you may also enquire why the council are wasting such vast sums in economic hard times.

Of course while Councillor Davie and Lincolnshire County Council attempt to defend their waste of tax payer money they waste further tax payers money defending the undefendable instead of admitting they are wrong and revoke the byelaw and remove the barriers.

People are allowed to come to spend the night free whether they are motorhomers, anglers or anyone else who has a UK road legal vehicle.

Finally why do you think the local camp sites are empty? Could it be that Councillor Davies illegal policy has had a negative effect on the local tourist industry?

Kindest regards,

Andy Strangeway

PS: With regards the car terrace being full of cars that weekend I note you provide no photo.

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