Spring Update

There are various aspects to the campaign in Lincolnshire. The following are the main outstanding complaints and Freedom of Information requests with regards the illegal byelaw and height barriers.

Obstuction HCT


  1. The height barriers are in breach of legislation as there is no off street parking order and they breach the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.
  2. The byelaw is in breach of legislation as Lincolnshire County Council failed to fulfil their requirements.
  3. The byelaw is in breach of legislation as the DCLG failed to fulfil their requirements.
  4. Fly tipping is still to be resolved.


At any time I will meet with the council to discuss a compromise. To date they have declined all offers of a meeting.

I will always hold meetings as per Gandhian principles as such they will be peaceful.

The next meeting will be held before March 31st.


As I stated to Steve Willis, Lincolnshire County Council, in February the height barriers will be removed and the byelaw revoked. When Steve asked me how I would achieve this the answer is the same today as it was then via the law.


I highly recommend that Lincolnshire County Council urgently seek legal advice to their current waste of tax payers resources. Once they have taken this advice I recommend they revoke the byelaw and remove the height barriers before the main tourist season starts in a few weeks.

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