Direct Action – Number 5

Over the last two nights I undertook the Lincolnshire Direct Action Number 5 at Huttoft Car Terrace with numerous friends in approximately 15 motorhomes and other vehicles. For the sixth and seventh time I did not receive a Level 2 fine. As such this clearly confirms that Lincolnshire County Council have no legal authority to issue a fine for the reasons that I undertook the direct action in this location. In addition our meeting confirmed that we are in breach of no law as the Police did attend but took no action. Following discussion with and upon the request of Lincolnshire Police, we agreed to cease queuing at the height barrier at 12.25.

Direct Action 5 1

Those Informed In Advance Of My Direct Action

  1. Supporters

Those Given A Link To This Post

  1. Lincolnshire County Council
  2. Skegness Standard
  3. MMM (Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly) magazine.
  4. Lincolnshire Police

Inspector Haigh

Location Parked

Huttoft Car Terrace

Time Parked/Slept At Location

From 17.00 Friday 21 February until 07.00 Saturday 23 March.


  1. Peaceful nights sleep.
  2. Four Police Officers in three vehicles attended between 10.20 and 12.25.

Direct Action 5 2

Reasons For Direct Action

  1. Byelaw is in breach of legislation.
  2. Height Barrier is in breach of legislation.
  3. Height Barrier is in breach of disability legislation.

Fine Issued



  1. LCC accept that the bye-law is in breach of legislation.
  2. LCC accept that the height barrier is in breach of legislation.
  3. LCC breached the right of my friends to park in the car park from 06.00 on the Friday evening.
  4. Police accept that we are not in breach of the law.

Direct Action 5 3Clyde, his wife Bonnie and best mucker Spencer Bear confirm once again no ticket.

Direct Action Sponsor

This Direct Action was made possible by the kind sponsorship. I would like to thank everyone who supported this meeting. If you would like to  sponsor future direct action please see Get Involved

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