In Praise of Lincolnshire Police

At our Direct Action – Number 5, following discussion with and upon the request of Lincolnshire Police, we agreed to cease queuing at the height barrier at 12.25. I believe Inspector Colin Haigh should be praised for his actions. A compromise was agreed where if we ceased to queue at the height barrier he would ask Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) to meet with me to find resolution to the situation at Huttoft Car Terrace. I am pleased to confirm as promised Inspector Haigh was true to his word and has indeed sent an email to LCC.

Inspector Haigh

I am grateful for Inspector Haigh bringing criminal law legislation to my attention with regards a “protest” in a public place. I am of the opinion that our meetings are most certainly not a “protest” and the following will explain this.


  • Campaign – a series of coordinated activities designed to achieve a goal.
  • Meeting – coming together.
  • Protest – declaration or demonstration of objection.
  • Queue – a great British tradition.

Following in the footsteps of the greatest man of the 2oth century, Mahatma Gandhi, I am a campaigner not a protester. Gandhi used the expression Direct Action with regards the physical side of his campaigns. As a Gandhian I use this word to describe our meetings.

With regards some of those attending the meeting queueing at the height barriers this is simply the exercising of our great British tradition. No one at our meetings is making any declaration or demonstration of objection. We are simply meeting to discuss in a peaceful manner our collective goal – that of having the height barriers removed and the byelaw revoked via peaceful means. Non violence is fundamental to all Gandhians.

Lincolnshire Direct Action 5 127

In response to Inspector Haigh being a man of his word and as a good will gesture I give Lincolnshire Police my word that I will not organise any meetings in the Huttoft Car Terrace area until after Easter. This will:

  1. Allow Lincolnshire Police to use their resources where they are more required over a busy period.
  2. Give Lincolnshire County Council time to respond positively to Inspector Haigh and agree to meet with me at the earliest opportunity before the tourist season starts to agree resolution between ourselves.

In addition as a further good will gesture I will suggest to all my supporters that they do not visit Huttoft Car Terrace until after Easter to give more opportunity for other visitors to enjoy the beauty of this gem of the Lincolnshire coast.

Until all the height barriers are removed and the byelaw revoked after Easter I will:

  • Organise further legal non violent meetings both at Huttoft Car Terrace and other identified locations in the area.
  • Organise early morning meetings for those with vehicles under 1.96 metres high at the various car parks in the area.
  • Both of the above will be facilitated via the current on going distribution of 5,000 campaign cards.
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