Huttoft Car Terrace Sign Corrected

As a result of my actions I am pleased to announce that the sign to Huttoft Car Terrace is now a legal sign. Of course this sign will be removed when Lincolnshire County Council finally accept the height barriers are illegal or are forced by legal actions to remove the height barriers.

Spirit Level Required

Such a shame that the person who put the black triangle on was a Lincolnshire County Council employee and not a decorator as it is not straight. Perhaps we should supply Lincolnshire County Council with a spirit level as this was obviously a very technical procedure without one for their employees.

Direct Action 4 084

The sign above before the black triangle was put on so badly.

—– Original Message —–

Sent: Tuesday, March 25, 2014 6:00 AM
Subject: Spirit Level
Dear Sirs/Madam,
As per the post if you would like my supporters to donate a spirit level to Lincolnshire County Council please do not hesitate to ask.
Kindest Regards,
Andy Strangeway
“(Yorkshiremen are) richly endowed with that gritty determination, that wilful refusal to give up and that sheer bloody-mindedness that eventually prevails.” Sir Bernard Ingham
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