Huttoft Car Terrace Sign Corrected – Not

Following research into the legal status of the Huttoft Car Terrace sign (thankyou John) it appears the sign is still incorrect. It’s still not legal as there has to be a triangle under the height figures. Please see Know Your Taffic Signs – page 23. As can be seen on page 24 one arrow is only applicable to an arched bridged. The good news for Lincolnshire County Council is that the measurement in metres is not required.

Spirit Level Required

I have sent the following complaint to LCC.

—– Original Message —–

Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 2014 5:59 AM
Subject: Huttoft Car Terrace Sign Corrected – Not
Dear Sirs/Madam,
As per the post could I please register a complaint with Lincolnshire County Council with regards the illegal road sign?
You may be pleased to note that metres are not a legal requirement.
Kindest Regards,
Andy Strangeway
“(Yorkshiremen are) richly endowed with that gritty determination, that wilful refusal to give up and that sheer bloody-mindedness that eventually prevails.” Sir Bernard Ingham
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