Huttoft Car Terrace – Height Barrier Removed

On Saturday morning I received a phone call informing me that the height barrier at Huttoft Car Terrace had been removed.

HCT - Height Barrier

It appears that the height barrier was removed in the dead of night by a JCB. It has been suggested that contractors arrived to remove the sand from the Car Terrace but were not given a key to the barrier. As a result the height barrier was fully removed.

HCT - Discarded Height Barrier

Approximately 6 litter bins were also removed, these cost over £700 each. In addition one of the dog waste bins had also been removed.

HCT - Height Barrier Track

These actions have resulted in the wanton destruction of the £34,000 illegal height barrier project and the removal of over £4,000 of litter bins.

HCT - Needles Are Buried

There are only two options:

  • Lincolnshire County Council gave permission for the wanton destruction or
  • Persons, as yet to be identified, have caused criminal damage of almost £10,000.

HCT - Track on Slip

I have reported this to Lincolnshire County Council, Lincolnshire Police and the Skegness Standard.

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