Huttoft Car Terrace – False Allegations

The Mablethorpe Leader this week ran with the following front page:


HCT - Height Barrier

I most categorically deny this incident has anything to do myself or my supporters.

The facts:

  1. Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) have declined to meet me.
  2. I am informed that the only acceptable offer for the Golf Course, that joins the Huttoft Car Terrace (HCT), is for a static caravan business – hence the desire to prevent motorhome parking on HCT.
  3. The Byelaw breaches legislation and is currently going through procedures with myself and the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).
  4. LCC withheld information from the DCLG when they applied for the byelaw. My complaint with LCC is currently going through their procedures.
  5. The height barriers breach disability legislation.
  6. March 9 I reveal the cost of the height barriers to be over £34,000.
  7. March 22 Inspector Haigh requested LCC have a meeting with me. To date this request has not been accepted.
  8. March 23 I informed LCC that the barriers were structurally unsafe.
  9. Thursday 29 March – Contractors are seen driving up the road to HCT with large vehicles incapable of driving under the height barrier.
  10. Friday 28 March it appears LCC blocked my emails.
  11. I revealed evidence from the DCLG toLCC on March 29 that the byelaw could not apply to a car park.
  12. Sunday 30 March I inform LCC, Lincolnshire Police and the Skegness Standard that the barriers had been “vandalised”.
  13. Currently – The contractors are still working on HCT.

HCT - Needles Are Buried

The Questions

  • Would vandals clear the sand on the terrace?
  • Why will LCC not meet with me?
  • Why are the pillars in the photo used by the Mablethorpe Leader shorter than those taken on the Sunday?
  • Why are two LCC councillors so keen to accuse others?
  • Who has a financial interest in the sale/purchase of the golf club?
  • Who does the recent removal of the barrier suit?

I repeat my offer – I will attend a meeting chaired by a representative of local media with LCC especially Councillor Davie at any time. I will never accept false accusations. I will most certainly never go away.


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