The Truth Unravels?

Having originally being informed that the only acceptable offer for the golf course, that joins the Huttoft Car Terrace (HCT), was for a static caravan business – hence the desire to prevent motorhomes parking on HCT – my sources have now informed me that the golf course and hotel have now been sold. It has been purchased by Mr Fletcher who, we are led to believe, intends to continue to run it as a golf course.


This would explain the desire for the Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) to have the HCT barrier removed last weekend as certain “businessmen” no longer require motorhomes removed from next to their “new” static caravan site.

If I am wrong, why are LCC still to reply to the email below? WHY ARE LCC UNWILLING TO ANSWER SUCH A SIMPLE QUESTION?

I would like to thank my sources who supply me with regular information from Lincolnshire County Council, East Lindsey District Council, Sandilands Golf Club, local Parish Councils and local residents.

—– Original Message —–

Sent: Sunday, March 30, 2014 9:31 PM
Subject: Huttoft Car Terrace – Barrier Removed
Dear Sirs/Madam
Could you please confirm whether Lincolnshire County Council gave permission for the removal of the barrier?
Kindest Regards,
Andy Strangeway
“(Yorkshiremen are) richly endowed with that gritty determination, that wilful refusal to give up and that sheer bloody-mindedness that eventually prevails.” Sir Bernard Ingham
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