Barriers Will Not Be Replaced

Last night I attended the Huttoft Parish Council meeting. The meeting was also attended by Lincolnshire Police officers and Councillor Stephen Palmer. Councillor Palmer announced that Lincolnshire County Council have no plans to replace the barriers at Huttoft Car Terrace.

HPC Meeting

As per section 1(7) of the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 we recorded the full meeting with the intention of posting on You Tube. However, looking through the footage this morning certain local residents do not “come across” in a favourable manner. As such, as a good gesture will on account of Councillor Palmers announcement, I will not be posting the footage on You Tube.

I believe bridges now need to be built.


I am grateful to those who kindly donated to pay for the expenses to attend this meeting. Donations are always welcome for future meetings.

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