Lincolnshire Police Discussion

I have raised the following with Lincolnshire Police:

Skegness Police Station

  1. Knocking on my Car Window at 00.30 – I believe there to be no justifiable reason for police officers to wake me up at 00.30 to deliver a letter that could be stuck on my windscreen. I would appreciate an explanation for this.
  2. Police Condoning LCC Letter – The tone of the letter is heavy, intimidating and aggressive. Numerous recipients suffered from emotional damage as a result of receiving the letter. By delivering such a letter Lincolnshire Police (LP) are condoning the letter and increasing the intimidation and harassment recipients felt. I believe LP should cease to deliver these letters.
  3. Waste of Police Resources – As a minimum of 4 hours per week of police time is currently being wasted undertaking the hobby of a 7 year old (collecting numbers) and a post man I believe this to be a waste of police resources especially given that the byelaw will never be enforced (I am happy to discuss this with your legal department). Could I please request that LP consider this? If LP decline to cease to be LCC unpaid 7 year old I would like to request details of the Police Complaints procedure.
  4. Data Protection – I most certainly believe the letter breaches Data Protection. I strongly advise LP to seek legal advice on this.
  5. Test Case – I am more than happy to be a test case. I would like to offer LCC the opportunity to “ticket” me. Upon receiving the “ticket” I will then challenge the byelaw in a court of law. All LCC need to do is agree a date with me they wish to ticket me and I will happily park up on Huttoft Car Terrace between the hours of 22.00 and 06.00. To prevent further waste of police resources I believe LP should support my offer to LCC.
  6. Police 10.20 Sunday Visit – Two officers delivered the letters to those who had received them on Friday night but not those who had not. This is clearly a waste of police time.
  7. Huttoft Sex Ring – Please see Huttoft Sex Ring.
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