ELDC – To Correct Regulation Boards

As a result of my Stage 2 complaint with regards East Lindsey District Council – Unlawful Regulation Boards  I am delighted to announce that Stuart Davy, Chief Executive of East Lindsey District Council has informed me that:

“Council Officers will review the wording on its signage to more accurately reflect the detail of the car parking order in place”


This means that in all East Lindsey District Council car parks vehicles can be occupied overnight.

My campaign was originally with regards 5 car parks but as Lincolnshire County Council declined to accept my position I have now secured up to 100 car parks and the campaign continues with regards the original 5. I would like to thank LCC for drawing my attention to overnight parking issues in the East Lindsey area as this success is a direct result of my ongoing investigations into overnight parking in the LCC area.

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