Waste Of Resources

To date an estimated £100,000 has been spent illegally erecting height barriers and introducing an illegal byelaw in a failed attempt to prevent law-abiding folk parking a vehicle overnight. This would pay for at least 6 care workers to look after our elderly.

Huttoft Car Terrace - Sunday 27 April 11.47

In addition to this, is the missed revenue raising opportunity of charging up to £6 for 24 hours and pro rota down from there. This in itself would pay the wages of a care worker each year.

All motorhomers I speak to support the introduction of a charge. So why do Lincolnshire County Council prefer to not only decline to charge for these popular car parks but also spend £100,000 in an attempt to prevent folk parking?

Do Lincolnshire folk have a different respect of money than us Yorkshire folk?

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