Huttoft Sex Ring – Police Information Request

Yesterday I received a request from Lincolnshire Police with regards the Huttoft Sex Ring:

“I wonder if you would be kind enough to provide Lincolnshire Police with details of your witnesses, other evidence, names of suspects and why they should be considered suspects to support this allegation. Clearly if there is sufficient evidence to proceed we would need this information so we can commence a full, proper and thorough investigation.”

Skegness Police Station

As I am in the process of gathering information and putting a jigsaw together I have informed Lincolnshire Police that I would be grateful if they could deal with outstanding issues between ourselves. Once these are dealt with I expect the jigsaw to be in a position were I will be able to forward some information.

Could I please request that those who have information with regards the Huttoft Sex Ring contact me in confidence If you would like me to phone you to discuss in confidence please email me your phone number.

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