The Facts

The following serves as a reminder of the questionable conduct by various agencies in the Huttoft area:

  1. The byelaw was introduced due to noise, nuisance, excessive litter, fires from campfires, and verbal abuse so why was there no convictions for any of these illegal activities?
  2. Why was existing legislation not used to deal with these illegal activities?
  3. Why have Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) declined to supply me with a statement from their solicitor confirming that the byelaw can be used for a car park?
  4. Why have LCC declined to supply me with a statement from their solicitor confirming that the height barriers do not require an Off Street Parking Order.
  5. Why are LCC breaching disability legislation by preventing those with disabilities from using council facilities?
  6. Why do numerous agencies claim no knowledge of the Huttoft Sex Ring yet visitors are fully aware of it?
  7. What was the reason for the mass walkout at this months Huttoft Parish Council meeting?
  8. Why are East Lindsey District Council not requesting Lincolnshire Police to investigate criminal damage?
  9. Why has a threat of murder gone uninvestigated?
  10. Why has a threat of arson gone uninvestigated?
  11. Why has an arson attack fallen into a black hole?
  12. Why was no action taken regards a recent assault?
  13. Why has a hate crime gone uninvestigated?
  14. Why do the Police believe it acceptable to harress and intimidate law-abiding folk?
  15. Why are the Police wasting resources?
  16. Why are the Police willing to breach Data Protection legislation?
  17. Why is certain local crime acceptable?
  18. Why will LCC not prosecute me for breaching the byelaw?
  19. Why have LCC spent £100,000 on a byelaw and height barriers and then don’t enforce it?
  20. Why have the DCLG signed off the byelaw when the legislation used can not be used regards a car park?
  21. Why is LCC not charging for use of the car park when motorhomers would willing pay the local rate to park there?
  22. Why do agencies only mention motorhomes parking overnight?
  23. Why dont agencies mention cars and vans parking overnight?
  24. Why do LCC not prevent HGVs parking overnight across Lincolnshire?
  25. Given the above why would anyone move to Huttoft?

This list is not exhaustive but demonstrates a lot of unanswered questions.


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