Philip Leivers Rape Trial

The trial of Philip Leivers is currently ongoing. A report can be read in the Lincolnshire Echo.


“The alleged victim said in a statement she was sat at home watching a BBC News broadcast when she saw Leivers as a councillor talking about wind-turbines being built in his district.”

“‘He was in a position he shouldn’t be in, he is a paedophile, he shouldn’t be a councillor – that is the reason I came forward.'”

“The abuse began on 1975 when she was just nine and continued until she moved to Devon when she was 14, jurors heard.

When Leivers’ home was searched police found pictures of the alleged victim, clothed.

Detectives also recovered diaries in which the girl’s birthday had been noted at least twice, the court heard.

The defendant gave a no comment interview to police.”

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