Lincolnshire County Council – Guilty

Although we still await legal action against myself, my supporters or those without a permit the facts are simple, none of us have been found guilty of any offence in the locations that the byelaw applies to. Yet once again Lincolnshire County Council have been found guilty. On this occasion for a breach of the Equality Act 2010 as LCC should not have discriminated between gender and should issue permits to “fisherpersons”.

Overnight Parking Permit

LCC have today inform me that:

“Thank you for drawing our attention to this matter. The parking permits are open to all and have been issued to females. We have now changed the pass to read “Classification – Sea Angler” and all future permits will show this wording.”

The translation is simple: GUILTY yet again.

Looks like my “Fishermans” permit could become a collector’s item. Any offers?

All SEA ANGLERS can apply for a permit from Lincolnshire County Council.

Another victory for truth.

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