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On Thursday morning Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) stated: “the authority has begun the legal process with a view to taking action against 40 people who have been caught by the police.” Although we are of the opinion that this statement is false we would welcome LCC putting any supporter into a court of law. This we will defend and we will win. At which point the byelaw will be nul and void.

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The statement resulted in a media frenzy with myself giving interviews for BBC Radio Lincolnshire and ITV. In addition BBC Look North spent the full day with us on Friday.

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There are four fundamental aspects to consider here.

  1. Legislation
  2. Reasons for the byelaw
  3. Height Barriers and
  4. Overnight Parking Permits


The legislation used to introduce the byelaw is regards “Pleasure grounds, public walks and open spaces” But and I quote “Byelaws made under these powers should relate only to open land which is to be used as a pleasure ground.” There is a clue in the name “Huttoft Car Terrace” this is not a pleasure ground it is a car park. As such the legislation should not have been used and the Government should not have signed off the byelaw. Exchanges are currently taking place

Reasons for the byelaw

Following a Freedom of Information request I have a copy of all the complaints which are clearly written by a handful of people. The reasons given by LCC for the introduction of the byelaw are:

  1. Noise – the only mention about this is regards raves.
  2. Excessive Litter – the only mention of this is also regards raves.
  3. Fires from Campfires – the only mention of this is also regards raves.
  4. Verbal abuse – the only mention of this is regards children throwing stones into a field. The complainant states “I have my own method of dealing with these people (read children) which stopped the abuse and scared the whole family off site”

I think we can clearly see that LCC have fabricated the reasons for the byelaw.

Height Barriers

These breach disability legislation.

Overnight Parking Permits

I have Overnight Parking Permit number 108. These originally breached the Equality Act as they where only for “Fishermen” which some female anglers rightly took exception to.


  1. Why is overnight parking not allowed in a remote coastal car park but is allowed in every car park in Lincoln?
  2. Why did Councillor Webb, ELDC; Councillor Palmer, LCC and all bar 2 members of the Parish Council walk out of the recent Huttoft Parish Council meeting while issues at these car parks was being discussed as part of the public section of the meeting? They claimed it was because the meeting was being recorded. This recording will be released in the coming weeks.
  3. Why not charge for parking?
  4. Why is LCC anti motorhomer?
  5. Why did LCC never prosecute for the “offences” they stated for the introduction of the legislation?


  1. The byelaw was introduced to “force” Motorhomes onto to local campsites.
  2. The LCC are attempting to intimidate law-abiding citizens including the elderly and the disabled.
  3. We welcome any attempt by LCC to issue summons as this will allow the courts to rule on their appalling conduct.


Kind donations from supporters made this meeting possible. Donations for future meetings are always gratefully received.

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