BBC – Hundreds of Complaints

On Friday 13 June BBC Look North covered the Huttoft Car Terrace with myself featured. At the start the feature the presenter stated “After 100’s of complaints …”

As I have a copy, via a Freedom of Information request (FOI), of all complaints regards Huttoft Car Terrace I can confirm that there were only 24 from 22nd April 2010 to 11th April 2014 as can be seen in the summary below.

FOI 24 Complaints

A complaint only becomes a complaint when it is registered as a complaint as per Lincolnshire County Councils (LCC) complaints procedure. When this happens a paper trial results. This should then be disclosed as part of the FOI. As he only received evidence of 24 the gentleman who made the FOI took the issue of “100’s of complaints” up with Lincolnshire County Council who stated:

No Press Release

The BBC must only report fact and opinions of others. I have no reason to question the integrity of the BBC.

As LCC have confirmed that they never stated there were hundreds of complaints who did incorrectly state this to the BBC?

Time will reveal the truth.

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