Huttoft Car Terrace – Next Supporters Meeting

I am currently in the process of organising the next supporters meeting at Huttoft Car Terrace. Although LCC stated they have issued summonses, a month later no one has received one. Obviously their understanding of the legislation has now made them aware that they will never be able to defend a summons in a court of law.

Support Disc 1

To give LCC the opportunity to summons myself and others the following vehicles will be parked overnight on Huttoft Car Terrace at our next meeting:

  1. My car
  2. A van
  3. A motorhome

Litter Picking

As the only valid issue for the introduction of the byelaw is excessive litter we had intended to pick up others litter. Unfortunately as LCC do not request the people to pick up litter of others we are unable to do this as we are not qualified to carry out the risk assessment LCC advise to undertake.

Litter Picking Days

I have contacted LCC with the suggestion that as they are qualified to carry out risk assessments they should carry out a risk assessment and then organise a monthly litter picking day at Huttoft Car Terrace on a Saturday morning.

I believe LCC should invite the following to each litter picking day:

  1. ASOP – We will most certainly attend
  2. Councillor Davie
  3. Councillor Palmer
  4. Huttoft Parish Council
  5. Local Residents
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