Stages Of The Path

Since the Lincolnshire Byelaw for Pleasure Grounds, Public Walks and Open Spaces were introduced Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) Spin Doctors have been busy as the following explains.

Stage 1 – The Issues

LCC Principal Solicitor stated: “There are continuous problems – mainly throughout the warmer season – with people camping(with motor homes etc) and parking overnight. This is having an impact on the residents in the area as they are being subjected to noise, nuisance, excessive litter, fires from campfires, and verbal abuse from some of the people camping”.

Why is there no mention of fishermen in vans?

Stage 2 – The Byelaw

The byelaw banned overnight parking. How will banning overnight parking for 8 hours but allowing day time parking for 16 hours prevent the stated issues?

Stage 3 – Anti Motorhomers

As can be seen in the byelaw no vehicle can park overnight so why is LCC only talking about motorhomes? What about myself in a car or a fisherman in a van? Is this being driven by local camp site owners?

Stage 4 – Fisherman’s Permit

LCC have issued 150 overnight parking permits to fisherman. How do they know that one of these 150 will not:

Overnight Parking Permit

  1. Be a source of noise – The nearest house is over half a mile away, with a sand bank in-between. The only noise I hear at night is the sea, wind, rain and doggers cars.
  2. Cause a nuisance – I have no idea what this is.
  3. Deposit excessive litter – LCC are not requesting the public to pick up others’ litter.
  4. Have a fire – I have never seen a fire at Huttoft Car Terrace.
  5. Be verbally abusive – The only verbal abuse I have heard is from local dog walkers.


LCC have negated the byelaw by issuing overnight parking permits. Although LCC stated they have issued summonses, a month later no one has received one. Obviously their understanding of the legislation has now made them aware that they will never be able to defend a summons in a court of law.

Why did that not realise this before spending so much money?


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