Sand Removed From Huttoft Beach

Yesterday morning at around 07.00 two HGV’s were filled with sand from Huttoft beach.

HCT - Sand A

Yet only a couple of months ago this sand was put onto the beach as part of a multi-million pound ongoing contract for the sea defence.

HCT - Sand B

Why is the sand being removed from a sea defence? Do the contractors have a mineral license to remove the sand?

HCT - Sand C

When the digger finished loading the HGV’s it levelled the sand on the beach.

HCT - Sand D

Today The Beach, Nottingham opened boasting of “250 tonnes of golden sands”.

HCT - Sand E

If this is the same sand I would certainly not describe it as such as the sand will be contaminated with dog mess. Of course it may have being cleaned. If it has not been cleaned and is the same sand the risk to public health is clear to see.

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