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From: Enquiries, Unit

To: Andy Strangeway

Sent: Thursday, July 24, 2014 3:17 PM

Subject: 140724/SV08 RE: Contaminated Waste

Dear Andy

Thank you for your enquiry regarding a sand removal at Huttoft Beach.

This sand was taken with our consent for a large children’s sand pit in the centre of Lincoln. It is raked for dog mess before being installed, covered every night and brought back to the beach at the end of the school holiday. The sand removal has not affected the standard of protection of the flood defence.

The need for a licence to carry a product of animal origin not intended for human consumption is only needed if that is what is intentionally carried. For example if a vehicle goes to an abattoir to pick up animal waste or a farm to pick up manure. In this case the vehicles each collected around 27t of sand. The sand had the potential to contain an infinitesimally small proportion of dog faeces but equally it may have contained gull guano. As the intent is to collect sand, and any contamination is immeasurably small in comparison to the quantity of sand, there is no need to have such a licence.

I trust this is helpful to you.

Kind Regards

Sue Vizard

Customer Service Advisor

National Customer Contact Centre – (Part of National Operations)

( Tel: 03708 506 506

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