Bring In The Heavies

Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) yesterday issued the following statement:

“A private security firm has been appointed to help the county council as it enforces byelaws relating to overnight parking in coastal country car parks, including Huttoft Car Terrace.

Lincolnshire Security Ltd will be making regular patrols to deter overnight parking and identify anyone breaching the byelaws so that legal action can be taken against them.”

HCT - July Sign

Despite wasting over £100,000 LCC have

  1. Failed to keep height barriers in place
  2. Been unable to enforce the byelaw
  3. Wasted over 4 hours per week of Lincolnshire Police time

I say wasted as they have been unable to prosecute anyone for parking overnight. Lets not forget, preventing overnight parking is LCCs answer to the issue of litter. Why do LCC not focus on the issue instead of their impractical solution?

How many litter pickers could £100,000 have paid for?

In addition, once again, LCC have been issuing false press releases. I was rather amused to read:

“The legal process has already begun against a number of individuals caught breaching the byelaws by the police”


  1. Until this is lodged with the courts no legal process has begun.
  2. LCC cannot state an individual has breached the byelaw – only a court can state this.
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