Colin To Buy Golf Club?

There has been much talk regards the Sandilands Golf Club, which joins onto Huttoft Car Terrace, being sold for a caravan site.


It is thought that this is the reason Lincolnshire County Council have dealt with the issue of litter by banning overnight parking on Huttoft Car Terrace. Please read on.

Of course despite spending over £150,000 on their failed policy LCC are still to summons anyone. The reason is that any attempt to summons someone would fail in a court of law.

Why have LCC condoned the waste of such a vast sum instead of making £100,000 per year by charging to park on Huttoft Car Terrace?

Let’s not forget that LCC have hinted that Huttoft Car Terrace may be fully closed.

What would the value be of a site with a 9 hole golf course, with a private beach, a nature reserve next door and executive chalets? How much would this value be affected if motorhomes continued to park on Huttoft Car Terrace?

Why has Colin (County Councillor Davie) been so vocal in his support for such a waste of taxpayers’ money? Why did LCC not simply employ a litter picker to deal with the issue?

This made no sense to anyone until a few days ago.

The Truth Revealed?

I have now been informed that Colin and his brother have shown an interest in buying the golf club.


As this raises obvious questions I have sent the following email to Colin.

Dear Colin,

Could I please refer you to

Could you please provide me with a definitive statement within 5 working days as to whether yourself, any of your family members or any of your associates have shown any interest in buying Sandilands Golf Club?

If I dont hear from you within 5 working days I will take your non-response as confirmation that either yourself, member(s) of your family and/or your associate(s) have shown an interest in buying Sandilands Golf Club.

Kindest Regards,

Andy Strangeway

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