Huttoft Car Terrace – Height Barrier To Return

Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) attempted to intimidate with their legal team by saying 40 summonses had been issued – they had not. I invited LCC to issue me with a summons – they didn’t.

Next they sent in the heavies to intimidate. I refused to be intimidated by their heavies.

Direct Action 5 1

Great News

I am informed that the height barriers are to return to Huttoft Car Terrace after the children go back to school, this confirms that LCC cannot enforce the byelaws and that their heavies have failed.

They will be erected via the “back door” at further cost to the tax payer. Given that this is the fourth height barrier I doubt they will still be in place for Christmas.

I also doubt they will comply with disability legislation as, to date, LCC have ignored the rights of the disabled.


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