Lincolnshire Security Ltd – Harassment of Sea Anglers

Lincolnshire Security Ltd, following previous intimidation, have now started to harass sea anglers at Huttoft Car Terrace who are lawful parked between the hours of 22.00 and 06.00.

Annoyed Sea Angler (2)

The sea angler, seen above, arrived at midnight last night. He gathered his fishing rods and equipment together to happily wondered down the beach towards Marsh Yard with his son for a few hours of sea angling.

Despite clearly displaying his overnight parking permit Lincolnshire Security Ltd still proceeded to issue him with a “warning” in breach of legislation. The sea angler has a right to be annoyed by the disgracefully unlawful conduct of Lincolnshire Security Ltd.

Annoyed Sea Angler 2 (2)

I have referred the matter to Security Industry Authority (SIA) and requested their immediate intervention for a fourth time!

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