Skegness Racist Height Barriers

It is reported in this weeks Skegness Standard that East Lindsey District Council will introduce height barriers in Skegness within three months if there are no objections. I can assure East Lindsey District Council that they will most certainly receive at least one objection – from me!

The Article States

  1. “…groups of travellers illegally camping..”
  2. “…stop illegal car park…”
  3. “..prevent illegal traveller camps..”
  4. “…preventing travellers illegally camping..”
  5. “..impact travellers camping illegally..”


  1. The actions of East Lindsey District Council are racist and unlawful as they are aimed at a offically recognised ethnic minority.
  2. The article is reporting racist actions and inciting race hate.
  3. Neither East Lindsey District Council, Lincolnshire Police or the Skegness Standard can state something is illegal. Only a court of law can state this.

Moving Forward

  1. I will contact the East Lindsey District Council to request the relevent information prior to submitting an objection.
  2. I will contact the Skegness Standard to discuss their role in this disgracefully affair.

Seafront 1 (2)

Seafront 2 (2)

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