Mablethorpe Leader Article

In this weeks Mablethorpe Leader the article below can be read. The article is incorrect as there have been 69 notices issued not 69 court summonses.

I am in ongoing discussion with the Editor of the newspaper and it would appear that the current stated position of Lincolnshire County Council is that “four court summonses are currently being produced”. This means that they are in the process of only.

I welcome the news that summons may finally be issued as I will offer to defend any summons issued in a court of law.

Byelaw Birthday Party 5

I would politely suggest to the Editor that the following questions should be asked of LCC/Colin:

  1. For a response regards Colins racist comments.
  2. For a response regards Colins and LCC contempt for disabled rights.
  3. Why LCC identified the issue of excessive litter, which is a breach of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 by LCC, but instead of fulfilling their legal responsibility spent over £100,000 in a failed attempt to prevent overnight parking to deal with the issue of excessive litter?
  4. How does banning overnight parking for 8 hours deal with the issue of litter? What about the 16 hours of daytime?
  5. Will LCC now cancel the re-erection of the height barrier at Huttoft Car Terrace as this will be in breach of the Equality Act and Disabled rights?
  6. When will the racist, anti-disabled rights and unlawful byelaw be revoked?
  7. When will the racist, anti-disabled rights and unlawful height barriers be removed?
  8. Why have LCC not issued a summons to Andy Strangeway for overnight parking?
  9. Have LCC issued 4, 69 or 109 summons?
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