Security Firm Costs £6,496.80

The security firm employed to “provide a visual deterrence” at Huttoft Car Terrace and neighbouring car parks has charged £6,496.80 for a few nights of its services. In addition to this is the wasted resources of senior staff at Lincolnshire County Council involved in condoning and facilitating this waste of tax payers money.

How much will this farce finally cost LCC tax payers. The figure currently stands at £110,000

HCT - Security Guards 1 (2)

For £6,496.80 what was achieved:

  1. Vehicle registration numbers collected – a job for a five-year old child.
  2. Provided a visual deterrence – read intimidation and harassment of the elderly, disabled and children.
  3. Strengthen the resolve of myself and supporters.
  4. No summons issued.

To save LCC wasting further tax payers money myself and my supporters will happily give our vehicle details to LCC with photos and signed “confessions” stating we have parked overnight at Huttoft Car Terrace on the understanding that LCC will then issue us all a summons.

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