Marsh Yard Meeting

Supporters gathered at Marsh Yard on Friday night for a weekend meeting. Unfortunately as Lincolnshire County Council continue to breach disability legislation by not opening the height barriers they unlawfully denied us access to the car park. Due to the councils disgraceful disregard for disabled rights we had no option but to queue up to the height barrier from Friday evening until Sunday morning.

MY 2

The unlawful policy of Lincolnshire County Council resulted in over 200 people being unable to use the Marsh Yard Car Park over the weekend

Future Meetings

Until such time as Lincolnshire County Council:

  1. Revoke the unlawful byelaw (which also breaches disabled legislation) and
  2. Remove all the height barriers

we will continue to hold our meetings lawfully up to the height barriers.

The number of supporters attending each meeting will increase with each meeting.

Attending Future Meetings

If you would like to join us for future meetings please email me

Meeting Sponsor

My attendance at this meeting was made possible by kind supporters. If you would like to sponsor future meetings donations are most welcome.

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