Complaint – LCC Legal Team

Today I submitted the following complaint against the Lincolnshire County Council Legal Team.


—– Original Message —–

Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 2014 6:39 PM
Subject: Corporate Compaint – LCC Legal Team

Dear Mr McArdle,

Today I received the most appalling customer service from two of your Legal Department employees. I wish to make a formal Corporate Complaint.

1. Heather Berridge

Heather Berridge was exceedingly abrupt; failed to listen to what I was saying; was determined that I spoke to her sister Jackie in the morning and deliberately declined my request to speak with a senior officer. Heather terminated the phone call by putting the phone down.

2. Mark (surname withheld)

Via Customer Services, I was put through to Mark (surname withheld), who works in the Legal Department, in an attempt to deal with the disgraceful conduct of Heather. Unfortunately, Mark refused to give his surname to me and terminated the phone call by putting the phone down. This makes it impossible for me to register a complaint against him, unless you can assist by providing identification.

As Chief Executive of Lincolnshire County Council, I would like you to register complaints against Mark and Heather for their disgraceful Customer Service. All I ask for is individual unreserved apologies from both Mark and Heather on Lincolnshire County Council headed paper and signed by both of them. I am prepared to withdraw my formal corporate Complaint on receipt of the foregoing.

If I fail to receive the necessary apologies, as requested, within 5 working days, in the public interest I reserve the right to publish recordings of both conversations. I also reserve the right to share my material, audio and written, with press and broadcast media.

Kindest Regards,

Andy Strangeway

“(Yorkshiremen are) richly endowed with that gritty determination, that wilful refusal to give up and that sheer bloody-mindedness that eventually prevails.” Sir Bernard Ingham

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