Huttoft Height Barriers Remain Down

In September I strongly advised Lincolnshire County Council against erecting the Huttoft Car Terrace height barrier for a fourth time as it would be:

  1. An unlawful restriction to public land.
  2. A breach of the Equality Act.
  3. A breach of Disability legislation.
  4. A breach of Health and Safety legislation.

HCT - Height Barrier

Two months later it appears they have taken my advise and also that of others.

Local Parish Councils

Councillor Colin Davie attempted to secure support from local Parish Councils to re-erect the barrier but only Huttoft Parish Council supported him.

Local Caravan Sites

Many of the local caravan sites are against the height barrier as they have affected their business as their guests could not visit the Car Terrace during the day.

Huttoft Car Terrace is now open to everyone for 16 hours a day – this is a major success.

I would like to thank local caravan sites and Parish Councils for their support.

Our campaign to allow 24 hour access continues.

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