Heather Berridge Breaks Site Records

I would like to thank Heather Berridge for her contribution to the breaking of the record for the number of visits to this site yesterday.

Public Jury

Heather and Lincolnshire County Council may be interested in some of the comments received:

  • The woman was totally obstructive and unhelpful. If Lincolnshire County Council think treating people like this is OK, they need lessons on dealing with the public. They seem to have forgotten they are there to serve.
  • Just wow! And LCC thought this was acceptable?
  • Me wonders if there was a hole in the road would it ever get repaired if Ms Heather Berridge is in charge!
  • I think some lessons are going to be learned from this…..
  • Heather Berridge is rude obnoxious ignorant and needs lessons in how to engage in conversations. How and why she holds this position in (LCC) remains a mystery.
  • Absolutely unbelievable that a frontline person of the council is so obstructive to a member of the public! Heather Berridge, legal services should not be allowed anywhere near a phone until she learns how to listen and respond to a request politely and professionally!

Further comments may be made on the ASOP Facebook page

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