Heather Berridge – The Public Jury Speaks

David Coleman, Chief Legal Officer For Legal Services Lincolnshire, may believe the conduct of Heather Berridge is reasonable but the Public Jury has a different opinion.

If Heather Berridge was an MP, an employee of a FTSE100 company or indeed of any business should would be sacked.

So why are LCC defending her position?

The Public Jury Speaks

  • Should be sacked for bringing the council into disrepute . Totally unprofessioal conduct.
  • IF Heather Berridge was employed by me she would be looking for another job.She is the most ignorant person i have herd.Maners cost nothing.LCC SACK HER RIGHT NOW.
  • Unbelievable and as a Lincolnshire resident I am saddened to think I pay her wages.
  • Ms Berridge clearly felt awkward from the outset and defensive therefore adopting the old principle of attack being the first line of defence!! One hopes she might listen again to this conversation and learn from her errors and therefore become a far better representative for LCC.
  • What an outstanding example of a public servant……..NOT!!! This call could be used by schools on how NOT to behave on a telephone
  • Disgraceful behaviour from a public servant. I hope she is not representative of the majority of LCC,employees. Seems people like her need reminding that they are employed as public servants for the good of the public in general. She needs reminding that talking over a request from a member of the public and then raising her voice in that manner and denying access to another public employee is not what she is employed to do, unless of course she has been given some sort of remit. Perhaps she has been indoctrinated by Mr Davie who seems to have a similar dumb attitude along with several others at LCC. I have over the years on several occasions spent a couple of nights at a time in my motorhome on the Moggs Eye car park and when that man called myself and the the rest “freeloaders” I was infuriated. How many lunches has that man had for free? how many glasses of wine has he supped for free? how many dinners has he eaten for free?how many days has he had out being entertained at public expense for free? how many taxi’s has he ridden in for free? Mostly all at public expense..One only needs look at his photo to see what he is. That man is a “FREELOADER” and a disgrace and it appears to be rubbing off on some of his fellow public employees. “Someone ” or “Something” appears to have “Spooked” this lot. Wonder who that is ??? goes without saying I recon
  • Local government in this land are more obnoxious, self important and corrupt,, than even that useless bunch at Westminster,!
  • Never try to reason with a drunk or (LCC) it will fall on deaf ears
  • I have just listened to a voice recording on the internet between your employee Heather Berridge and a member of the public.
    Never in my life have I heard such a rude, overbearing so-called public-servant. She treated the man like some sort of sub-human or tenth class citizen. How the man managed to keep his temper I do not know. He deserves recognition for his patience and tolerance. He certainly deserves a well publicised public apology.
    When I went on to read that the Council has upheld Heather Berridge’s behaviour and thrown out the man’s complaint I was stunned. Surely you people can see that this is no way to treat the people you are supposed to serve?
    I am insisting that this email is presented to your Chief Executive. I want an explanation directly from him/her as to how this appalling behaviour could ever have been defended. Why hasn’t that very ignorant and stupid woman been sacked? Your Chief Executive is breaking the trust placed in him/her by the public if he does not sack the woman immediately.
  • Absolutely unacceptable Andy. I think you did well to contain yourself, I didn’t hear you shouting. A very rude person & no wonder the county council is not fit for purpose with employees like these!
  • Just give them a copy of the recording. No arguments and she cannot deny fact. I like documented point that she gave you adequate opportunity to speak, you could hardly get a word in.
  • The woman was totally obstructive and unhelpful. If Lincolnshire County Council think treating people like this is OK, they need lessons on dealing with the public. They seem to have forgotten they are there to serve.
  • Just wow! And LCC thought this was acceptable?
  • Me wonders if there was a hole in the road would it ever get repaired if Ms Heather Berridge is in charge!
  • I think some lessons are going to be learned from this…..
  • Heather Berridge is rude obnoxious ignorant and needs lessons in how to engage in conversations. How and why she holds this position in (LCC) remains a mystery.
  • Absolutely unbelievable that a frontline person of the council is so obstructive to a member of the public! Heather Berridge, legal services should not be allowed anywhere near a phone until she learns how to listen and respond to a request politely and professionally!

Email To Tony McArdle, Chief Executive Lincolnshire County Council

—– Original Message —–

From: Andy Strangeway

To: Tony.McArdle@lincolnshire.gov.uk

Cc: Leigh Middleton

Sent: Tuesday, December 09, 2014 6:45 AM

Subject: The Heather Berridge Disgrace

Dear Mr McArdle,

Could I please refer you to https://andystrangewayovernightparkingcampaigner.wordpress.com/2014/12/09/heather-berridge-the-public-jury-speaks/

Could I please request a public statement from you regards not only “The Heather Berridge Disgrace” but also the public comments expressed?

Kindest Regards,

Andy Strangeway


“(Yorkshiremen are) richly endowed with that gritty determination, that wilful refusal to give up and that sheer bloody-mindedness that eventually prevails.” Sir Bernard Ingham

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