Say Hello To Heather Berridge

Reading the CV of Heather Berridge on the Legal Services Lincolnshire website I was amazed to learn that “Heather has worked in local government for nearly 30 years”. As it has taken nearly 30 years for Heather to reach such a low standard of customer service I believe it is time for her to admit she is not suitable for such a role.

Heather CV

Phone Heather

If you would like to discuss anything with Heather you will note her phone numbers are 01522 553754/01775-764507. I highly recommend that you record all such phone calls. There is no legal requirement for members of the public to inform Heather they are recording their call.

Contribute To The Investigation

If you would like to contribute to the Lincolnshire County Council investigation into Heather’s lack of customer service skills please email:

  1. Richard Wills and copy
  2. Heather Berridge and myself
  3. Andy Strangeway

into your email.

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